Transportation In Peru

Between the Rainbow Mountain soaring through the clouds and the Nazca Lines covering a vast area on the land, figuring out transportation in Peru can be physically and mentally taxing. This is especially true if you’re visiting the South American country for the first time. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from embarking on an incredible adventure. And as far as the transportation is concerned, let us help with that. Below you can find detailed information about buses, trains, Uber, and more.


Buses are the most common mode of transportation from Lima to Cusco in Peru. Since it’s an inexpensive option, locals mostly use buses to travel between cities. And you can too. But here’s the thing, though: there are multiple private companies that own an extensive network of buses. This means there’s no one-stop-shop for bus tickets. On the other hand, it also has a few advantages. For instance, you can choose the bus company that’ll take you to the desired location the fastest. With that said, if you’re looking for a comfortable and reliable bus company, we’d recommend Cruz del Sur.


Another great Machu Picchu transport option in Peru is renting a car – that is, if your wallet can handle it. Some well-known rental companies include Alamo and Hertz. You can grab a vehicle and cruise through the quaint valleys and lofty mountains at your own pace. But if you’re touring the major Peruvian cities, renting a car wouldn’t be the most practical thing to do. And that’s because the traffic – especially in Lima – can test the limits of your patience. In the end, if strolling through the countryside with your loved ones is on your bucket list, go for car rental services.


Traveling by train isn’t a popular choice in Peru. In fact, there are very few train lines that people use, such as PeruRail and IncaRail. The train service to Machu Picchu acts as a bridge between Puno and Cusco. Then there’s Ferrocarril Central Andino, the world’s highest elevated train route, connecting Lima to Huancayo. As you must have noticed by now, train travel can be a slow and bumpy ride in Peru. However, often in life, the best experiences are about the journey, not the destination. So, if you want to explore ‘The Land of The Incas’ in a unique but thrilling way, the train service to Machu Picchu would be a suitable option.


Domestic flights in Peru haven’t always been people’s go-to travel option, but that’s gradually changing, thanks to companies like Peruvian Airlines, LATAM Peru, and Star Peru. These airlines are a great Cusco to Sacred Valley transportation choice. While searching for Cusco to Sacred Valley transportation modes, you might come across small carriers. But you should steer clear of them, as they’re unreliable and the businesses appear as fast as they disappear.

The Bottom Line

All the Machu Picchu transport options mentioned on this list have their pros and cons. So, ultimately, it boils down to your specific requirements. But if you’re still having second thoughts, it would be better to talk to someone who knows the place like the back of their hands – just like Inka Tours. With the help of our experienced guides, you can explore every inch of Peru, making countless cherishable memories along the way.