The reason we established Inka Tour was to make people fall in love with Peru. Along the way, they fell in love with our guides and services as well. Although we don’t like boasting our achievements, it fills us with everlasting joy to read glaring reviews left by our customers


I had the most magical time with Inka Tours. Their guides were knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I can’t wait for next year to go with them again.


Peru was amazing. We saw breathtaking sceneries, enjoyed delicious food, and met the kindest people. And it was all possible with Inka Tour’s help. Thank you, Inka Tours, for an unforgettable trip.


We had a wonderful time with Inka Tours. Their guide was hilarious. We laughed all the way from Cusco to Lima. And he also told us quite interesting facts about Inca Walls and La Compania.


My friends and I didn’t even notice how fast the hours went by. Inka Tours stayed true to their words and showed us some of the best places we’ve ever seen in our lives.


What I especially love about Inka Tours is their guides can speak both Spanish and English. I didn’t have a problem understanding what they were saying. The tour went smoothly.


I hadn’t even considered Peru a vacation spot. But now, all I want is to go back there again. Thank you, Inka Tours, for showing me a gem of a country. I’ll never forget the experience.